dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Modeltekenen - 20/01/2010

Deze tekeningen zaten al verloren in mijn map.
De opdracht in de academie was het model te tekenen met kleurpotloden. Tekeningen van David Hockney werden als voorbeeld getoond.

35 cm x 60 cm

8 opmerkingen:

  1. so clean and beautiful .
    the tird is my favorite .

  2. Mmmm... j'adore ces études. Surtout la troisième, je la trouve parfaite. Quelle chance d'avoir des modèles vivants.
    Salut, Annie.

  3. in de veronderstelling dat de tekening bovenaan gepubliceerd,het nummer een draagt,vind ik persoonlijk, drie: goed. een en twee beter. grtn willy.

  4. @Caio: Yeah, I know, it all looks clean, and actually I don't want that. I need to work more line-breaking!

    @Manel: Les modèles vivants, c'est l'avantage d'une Academie. La troisième a été la plus dure.

    @Willy: Et pour les Flamands: drie was de moeilijkste:-)

  5. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  6. Het werk dat ik het leukst vond, is dat van paragraaf 3
    U geslaagd om het karakter te verlaten in positie comfortabel.

  7. @Bondearte: Thank you! A left a message on your blog.

  8. Private:is not necessary to publish!
    Annie,my dear friend:
    Most of the time I create the images of pain and suffering (and beyond)
    Because I retratato pain and suffering?
    I think the happiness and pleasure is what everybody wants, and happiness and pleasure
    speak for themselves,
    Annie tell me if you can, you know how many people who want to look for pain and suffering, only a few seconds?
    I do not want to carry the world on the back, but I can not enchergar the artist as a being alienated from the reality that surrounds him.
    The media and the media play the role of selling the image that everything is joy in life is easy, but life is not just that, and that the artist is trying to show the concrete
    side of life.
    I know that my works are often difficult to see, but I did not invent the pain, I did not invent the images of hungry children, I did not invent young drug addicts, I did not invent the victims of earthquakes, I did not invent models of dictatorships inventing perverse economic models, but I show them in my work.
    I know very well that there is also the happiness in the world, people are happy, as I'm happy, although I can not close our eyes to other realities of this harsh.
    The artist can not be alienated one of his time and pains that affect the planet.
    PS-I will comment in English on his blog:)