maandag 14 september 2009

modeltekenen - 09/09/09

42 cm x 60 cm

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  1. Thank you very much Annie for your comment on my blog!No, I don't live near the himalayas.I have worked from an old reference photograph.
    And I see that you got back to painting figures.This is very nice.I like the way you have left it incomplete and given details in some areas!

  2. it is impressing to me how you can in some parts of the drawing make a very strong line for to create a limit of the form , and in other parts you "breed" the image only by volums and shadows .
    it seems you are working with 2 diferent kinds of values and languages .
    when i say lines , i am talking about the ones you use , for example for to construct the legs and feets and ass of the figure . for me they are kind of interfering on the sutil ( and not less strong ) shadows you raised for to give volume .
    who am i to tell you something ? but if i was someone , i would tell you to give up of the strong lines that give form ( and limit the forms too ), and just focus on the shadows and volums . because this is your real work and sensitivity . try to construct the image just by volums and forget the borders , you will find yourself . i promisse . because you have a very good eye .
    this is a very good work . and you have a real talent . you know , i am your fan , right ?
    i have missed a lot of posts of you !!
    now i am going to check your blog . see you !!!

  3. @Ramesh: Thank you, Ramesh. Yes, I'm back to drawing models once a week. I will focus on letting the form incomplete in the next few weeks or months.

    @The Scrybe: Thanks for coming by! I'm glad you like it.

  4. @Ciao:
    Look, that's what I like about you, Ciao: you look critically and you leave very constructive comments on what I do. I understand what you mean and I think you are right concerning those strong lines. In my next model drawings I will remember your advice.

    Kind regards!

  5. Annie , i just have this kind of position with you , because i consider you a real , sensitive and talented artist , i don't leave comments like this on every painter's or drawer's blogs . i believe on your work , i like a lot and i see we feel light in a very similar way . that is the reason sometimes i take some freedow and "talk" to you this way .
    thank you for understand and be so nice with me !!