maandag 31 augustus 2009


43 cm x 60 cm

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  1. hi Annie !
    these ones are diferent in some things , but it is stil your style ...i liked then a lot!!
    i liked the relation of the blue and brow you criated with the white of the paper...
    but my favorite characteristic of your work , and in these it happens a lot on the 2nd and 3dr , is when the forms get lost of the line .
    do you know what i am talking about ?
    like it is hapening on this third one , with the arm and the top of the head . it wonders me . i think it has lots of oportunitys for explore .
    but it is just my way to feel your work , please , i am not nosying and telling what to do, hahahh!!!
    it is just my way to say that i like your work a lot .
    see you Annie !!!
    thanks for all . have a wonderfull week !!

  2. Hi Annie,
    This is something new...not seen before!Nice!!

  3. de gezichten doen me een beetje denken aan Shiele. Prachtige tekeningen Annie! Ook de compositie vind ik heel sterk. Knap!

  4. These are beautiful. Lovely line and color.

  5. Annie:
    I was quite surprised with his intelligent observation,
    about the two background figures that virtually ignore the problems of two central personagenagens.
    Annie, I live in a Metropole, which has about
    20 million inhabitants and people do not care
    no one bit with the problem of outro.Elas live their lives as if they were unique in the world.
    However we all pay a price for our attitudes alienated, but people do not realize the way we perceive.
    Good weekend

  6. Annie:
    This work was very beautiful!
    I liked especially the first picture that you got put it in a perfect position to rest and she has a very concentrated look in their own thoughts.

  7. @Caio: You're a good observer. It is true that I recently let the forms getting lost into the line. In the future I will explore this further. And you are not 'nosying', at the contrary, I'm very pleased with your constructive comments!

  8. @Ramesh: Yes, it is new to me, letting the form get lost in the line, working with bister and ink on fiber... I am satisfied with the result.

  9. @Sylvie: Schiele? Dat is wel een groot compliment. Dank! Ik zie dat er zelf zo niet in. Het model had een dramatische blik en deze heb ik proberen vangen.

  10. @Bondearte: The first is also my favorite in terms of composition. The model had a dramatic look that I tried to capture. I could see a lot of sadness in her eyes, therefore I give this work the title Dolores.

  11. Annie,

    Ik heb ze live gezien, deze kunstwerken! En inderdaad, je weet heel goed de gevoelens van het model weer te geven via de ogen; Ogen zijn de spiegels ven het leven!
    Je hebt ze gevat op de juiste manier.Mag dat hier voor 100% bevestigen gezien we beiden het model kennen.

    Daniël Gustaaf

  12. @Daniel: Mooi gezegd Daniel. Dank je wel!

  13. J'aime beaucoup vos dessins.
    I like your drawings very much,something fresh and free.
    Ik vind je tekeningen heel veel, iets fris en vrij.

  14. @Brenda: Dank!

    @Le Promeneur: Thank you for the visit and your comment.